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Post nasal drip and fibromyalgia

Post-nasal drip is a common complaint and is frequently accompanied by other symptoms such as stuffy nose, sore throat, and cough. When simple measures like over-the-counter medications and nasal irrigations don't work, talk to your doctor. Common causes such as infection, allergy, and gastric reflux can often be treated successfully.

If your urine is clearer, with at most a hint of yellow, you're probably drinking enough water. Drinking warm fluids, such as water, is especially helpful for relieving postnasal drip. 2. Blow your nose frequently to remove excess mucus in the nasal cavity. Blowing the nose can remove irritants, which causes a buildup of mucus.


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Fibromyalgia Action UK. 54,587 members • 63,588 posts. Join Write. Home; About; Posts; Members; Post nasal drip or should i said flood for over 1 year SORRY graphic information written down dont want you to feel sick . tasha2 • • 5 Replies. I have been suffering with what they call Post nasal drip but in my case it is a flood for well.

in 87%, and postnasal drip in 83%. View complete answer on Can fibromyalgia cause sinus issues? Sinusitis causes inflammation, a common symptom of fibromyalgia. There are many common links between fibromyalgia and sinusitis including inflammation, yeast infections and problems with the nervous system.

Symptoms reported by post nasal drip community. 50% of members experienced first post nasal drip symptoms between ages of 29 and 55. 57% say their post nasal drip is currently severe. Quality of life with post nasal drip. 18% said yes to having experienced a significantly effective treatment. 18% experienced an improvement of 2 or more levels.

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